Friday, December 19, 2008

Medical Update

So we have had fun-filled adventures with Dr.s and ERs lately. Here is the most recent pis of Jacks 2nd degree burned hand. We've told him time and time again to leave the fireplace alone. Now, sadly not the way I wanted him to learn, he no longer touches the fireplace. Oh, and side note... we went in to check up on his hand. I had the Doc run a test, and...WE'RE PREGNANT! approximately 2 months. We'll know better in January, after my Dr. visit. Love to you all! If you want to see the blister pictures better, tilt your screen if you can. His burn is pretty wicked.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas... I L-O-V-E it!

I have no new pictures to put up... yet. I have CD from my sis with pics, but I haven't downloaded them onto the computer. But, I just wanted to say that I love Christmas. This years is especially fun. Jack knows who "Sansa" is this year. And will tell you that all around is "Kispis". He absolutely loves the "kispis dights" at Temple Square. With all of the Nativities around and the extra focus on Jesus this time of year, I love that Jack has become so aware of who he is. Every time he sees him, whether it be a baby or a grown up Jesus, Jack exclaims "Jesus... Cwist" with a sweet little pause in between the two words. I love how kids make everything so fantastic, fresh, beautiful, and new!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Long Overdue

October was a fabulous month here at the Dyal household. I really did take some pictures, so I decided to finally share them with you. Enjoy!

Jack has this crazy thing about wearing a tie, recently... all the time
Before haircut
Post haircut
Construction Cake
Everyone decorated hard hats
Us in October

We finally got some scarf weather

Picked our apples, Jack climbed a tree, and ate some!

A few pumpkin shots... 'tis the season

Happy Rootin' Tootin' Halloween!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My 2 Year Old is the Size of a 1 Year Old

So the official stats and a quick story...

22 lbs 5 oz, coming in at 32 "

The Doc says he's hitting, if not surpassing his mile stones. But, Little Jack-Attack is only attacking his size about 2 lbs every 6 months. I was not small as a kid. You could accuse me of being short, but skinny I was not. Nate has a small bone structure, but he was always an above average kid. So maybe Jack has my height and Nate's bone structure, plus some unknown skinny gene. Doc said that we could check Jack's cholesterol levels. If they came back low, it typically means that the kid's not getting enough nutrients. I agreed to rule out the failure to thrive ruling, rather than hope it's not. Jack had his routine immunizations. Not to mention he was already freaking out when the nurse laid him down to see how tall he is. He fought and fought the shots, but we managed to hold him down for the 3 quick pokes. By now he hates the nurse, Alisha. Then it was down to draw some blood with Kim. Alisha had to come help restrain since Jack is ridiculously strong. Kim had the needle in, but Jack started to rotate his arm. The 3 of us couldn't keep him still enough, not to mention Jack was crying so hard that he puked. That was the final straw. Kim pulled out the needle and said Jack was traumatized enough for the day. I've decided, we'll leave the cholesterol check to chance. The Doc wasn't worried enough to be adamant about it. He said just to monitor his intake and to come back when he's 3 instead of 4. I love my crazy strong kid. It killed me to see him sooo vulnerable. I love my baby!

Monday, October 6, 2008

For the Sake of Something New

Thanks to everyone for being such supportive, lovely friends. But to move on to better days I thought I'd let everyone know that I had an absolutely delightful Monday. Not to mention that I had a spectacular revelation. I get paid 3 times this month. Oooo how I love that! After October, that doesn't happen until May of '09. Wahoo! for an extra paycheck. And yes, one day I will upload pictures for all of your delight. Sorry I've been full of pure verbage as of late. X's and O's to you all!

Monday, September 29, 2008

How Embarassing... and Yes, it's Long!

So today... actually, let's start over. Ever since I can remember I would deem myself notorious for about 3-4 emotional breakdowns in a year. I can distinctly remember, back in high school, sitting down with the family to eat dinner. Everyone started talking about their days. I could not even begin to respond to my mom without breaking out into a ridiculous sob. After realizing nothing was wrong with me, I was asked to go upstairs until I could calm down. Yes, pathetically enough, my mom was aware and totally over my emotional break downs. She knew I would talk when I was ready. Long story of life short, I still maintain that it is my perogative to cry whenever I feel necessary. Today was one of my 3-4 days of this year. Embarassingly enough, it was while I was at work this morning. I could feel it coming on over the past few days. Still the last straw didn't break until 10 am in front of my employees, with my boss just feet away in my office. Not to worry, I didn't let them see me cry, but I'm fairly sure they had a good hunch. I managed to make it out the building and into an alcove before the tears started to roll down my cheeks. I got my composure, took a few more deep breaths, and then went back in. My boss, who is only based out of my store and travels most days, had no idea. She had started off on some tirade this morning about how she had so much to do after being gone a week. Yada yada yada. One cranky comment led to the next. I think I actually ended up crying over the fact that... here it comes... the breaking reason is always SO stupid. Someone was supposed to come and set up a second desk for her in my office. They didn't show up this week, and so she was upset. My assistant and I decided to try to put it together for her (She, my boss, had stepped out to answer a call on her cell). When she came back in the office she was the utter opposite of appreciative. She was blatantly upset that we had made a mess of her needed space. Even though we were under the impression that she wanted the desk put together. Needless to say, we moved her desk out of the office, and she proceeded to work at mine. I bit my lip and fought back tears as I moved my stuff out of her way. I know, stupid, stupid. My assistant could tell I was upset. She offered me a hug, and I thanked her as I passed without obliging. Letting her know that I was stepping out. How ridiculous am I? I can't believe that's what did me in. I thought I was being dumb, but it was gratifying when my boss apologized for being ridiculous. At least she knew it wasn't nice behavior. The sad thing is, on any other non-break down day the whole desk thing would only have deserved a weird look and a rhetoric "oookaaay!" And there is my embrassing story for the day. If you got to the end... thanks for reading =)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Holy Babies...

So I have cousins that I'm really close to. Two, in particular, have always been two of my best friends. I found out last night, that Laura will be having her 2nd. I laughed and then turned to Nate. I told him we are getting way behind. Heidi is having her third soon, and now Laura will be one up on me, too. Not to mention, that I'm older than both of them. Don't worry, I'm not about to make any announcements of my own, but I just think it's funny. The crazy thing is how fast time goes by. We always said 4-6 kids, 2-4 years apart. Well, we're well past the 2 year apart mark. Then I stop and think numbers. Having kids can take some serious years. Lets say I want 4 more kids 3 years apart, average. That's 12 years until I have my last kid. Then say, we're lucky, and everyone is actually out of the house by the time they turn 18. Now we're talking 30 years until my last kid is out of the house. Now I'm 56 when my last kid leaves the house. The older I get, the younger 56 sounds, but really... And that's only if I have 5 kids total, on the lovely schedu;e of 3 years apart. That's crazy. A very well worth it crazy, but sheesh! By the way, CONGRATULATIONS, LAURA, RYAN, and TYLER!

Monday, August 18, 2008

A Little Vacaton Goes A LONG Way!

So here are a few pictures of what we've been up to this summer. P.S. no hard feelings to any of those we might have been close to, but not stopped by to see. We honestly saw no one but family. It was so nice to stay in one house for a 10 day vacation. We wish we could have seen everyone. Seriously! But, boy, did I need time to seriously decompress. I love you all!!!
Knotts Berry Farm and having a swingin' time...

In Uncle Chase's shoes

Taking pictures with his sweet ride... that he can finally touch the ground on. I swear he grows at a molasses pace. It's fun to keep him small, though.

Universal studios

Ventures into Bikini Bottom

Downtown Disney... the picture makes for a sweet laugh

Nate and his first karting experience... LOVED it

Beach hair

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Recent Randomness

Jack's new still makes me a little nervous

Jack's water resort ( on our dead lawn...sick)

Hanging out on the front porch

Jack in the box

I just love this picture... oh, and its subject

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Ever had those days when you stop and really remember the moments in life that make you misty eyed with tears of happiness? It's one of those days...

Sunday, May 11, 2008


It's been a full house, but we have absolutely loved having our family in town this past week.
The 3 Grandsons
A few of the boys at "This is the Place" park
A lovely Sunday afternoon
Jack and his Aunt "Chelonie"
At Baby Henry's blessing
The Dyal Family
We miss you all! Come back and play anytime. Love you all!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pictures I'm in Love With!!!

I am, I just really am. Maybe it's because I'm not home all the time anymore that makes me relish in his pictures so much. Seriously though, can you not just love these pictures!?!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Catch up and Mustard

...and by mustard I mean randomness. I figured I better post some new pics before they themselves became extremely outdated. Enjoy!!!

Jack and his Aunt Becca. We went to California for a few days. We made it to Knotts and Disney land while we were there. The "kids" loved seeing their nephew!

All the time at amusement parks, and this is one of my favorite pics... yes, the bird cage at Knotts. Pathetic, I know.
Cheese!!! Happy late Easter. Yes, his haircut has been fixed since the picture. Though, I am really happy to have a picture or two with his Dumb and Dumber style haricut. I think it's pretty "shaweet!"
Training for the baby 5K... pantless!

In action

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I LOVE Dirt!!!

Now that the sun has been out for the last few days, Jack has learned just how much he really does love dirt. Nate and Jack have been having father, son time in the back yard lately. Here's a pic or two. I also had to throw in one of my "little girl". Ha!