Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fun Days with Dad

So, Nate and Jack are enjoying their time together. Jack loves when his Dad pulls him through the house in his Lego wagon. Yes, it is supposed to hold his jumbo legos, but it has turned into a fun wagon as well. When I got home today, Nate said Jack built a fort. Jack, all by himself, pushed the stool over to his high chair and made himself a fort. He played in it for about 15 minutes, or so I'm told. Here are a few pics Nate has taken...

...Also, for those of you who may be wondering, I am loving my new job. Justice, Inc. is a fabulous employer when it comes to acknowledgment and rewards. Business has been surprisingly off the charts. It definitely has kept me on my toes. We've had management from other stores here to train me the last week and a half, but I don't feel like I'm getting much off the floor training. Luckily I love hands on learning. I've had to work more than my 40 hours a week, but I really haven't minded. It will stop as soon as I hire my new Assistant Manager, which I am out scouting for. In the mean time, I am fortunately paid hourly, so when I go over 40 hours I get time and a half. I am so used to being salaried. I used to think that was cool. Yeah, cool until you are working 60 hour work weeks during the holiday, and only getting paid for 40. I honestly feel so blessed. Everything is working out fantastic. Nate and Jack are getting along amazingly. Of course there's that natural mom part of me that wondered if everything would get done the way it should. I gave into my trust and I am so glad I did. Nate is doing so great! I even got a pleasant surprise of 2 clean bathrooms when I came home yesterday. Oh how I love my husband!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Craziness is Back

Well, lately we've made some huge changes to our lives. Nate lost his job, and so we had some things to think about. We decided to have him go back to school and finish his degree while I support the fam for a while. God has really blessed us in filling our needs lately. I was about to accept an offer from my old employer ( which would have been over a 2 hr commute every day... without traffic), when I got a random phone call. Justice Inc., a girls clothing store had been given my application from Gymboree. They needed a store manager. At first I was torn, but it was a no brainer the more I thought about it. I accepted the position. It is 5-10 minutes up the freeway. It's a brand new store. More square footage and a new challenge. I've never had to build a business from scratch. It's been exciting, and I look forward to the future ( Especially way in the future, when I get to stay home again, and all this hard work pays off in a big way!). Thank you for the prayers and support. We'll keep everyone posted.