Saturday, May 2, 2009

Easter Pics and a Little Comparison

So, I thought that I was an insane amount bigger with this round 2 baby, than I was with the first. But to my disbelief, pictures seem to be saying otherwise. The first pic is with Jack at around 6 months. I am supposedly 24 weeks this week. So the picture with boy #2 should be around the same time. What do you know? I'm not that much bigger. I'm totally shocked. I swear I feel like I'm way bigger this time around. Oh, and it's time for a hair cut. My cut is way outgrown. YIKES!The pic below is not my favorite, but it'll do for all those I am way overdue to send a picture to.

Easter was a lovely, peaceful holiday. Jack finally got it. Eggs have never been so exciting before. Then again, they aren't normally plastic with candy inside. Here is a pic our neighbor boy, Parker, was so kind to snap for us before we changed after church. I loved Jacks little linen suit. He was so excited to have a jacket like dad.

We are doing well. Jack still has an unexplained lymphnode on the back of his neck. His blood work came back negative for crazy things like cancer and mono. I don't recommend telling moms that their kid potentially might have leukemia or lymphoma, and then not getting the results to them ASAP. Even I, who am typically very polite and patient, got a little pushy. When the nurse told me she'd have to call me back, for the 3rd day, on a friday, before the weekend, I wasn't so obliging. We had played way too much phone tag. She told me the Dr. was busy. I told her I would hold until he had a second. She was kinda taken back, but put me on hold, and came back in minutes. I was so proud of myself for being so full of obnoxious persistence. For now, everything seems fine. The bump hasn't shrunk with his anitbiotics, and as much as I would hate to have them do it, a biopsy might be next. We'll call this week to see what the Doc recommends as the next step. We'll keep you all up to date.