Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Holiday Fun

Nate's mom gave us a package of little crafts for the kids to do. We decided to bust the first one out today. The kids put the faces on all by themselves (Ethan's turned out a little it!). I had to do the hot glue gun on the antlers and bows. It made me realize that we have absolutely no paper craft glue in this house. I have scrapbooking sticky stuff, hot glue, and rubber cement. Elmers anyone? Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays so far!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Goodbye November....Hello December!

I can't believe we're on to December already. Time goes by sooo fast. I've decided Thanksgiving is my new favorite holiday. No stress of gift giving, just being thankful. Pluuuuus! entails delicious food. Nom nom nom. Thanksgiving morning, I dragged the kids out of the house to the store, as a good procrastinator does, to get last minute fixings. On the corner, down Center St., the kids spotted Mater. We looked like a bunch of scrounges, so we headed back later, after getting all proper to take some pics. There were jars to donate to a boy who is in the hospital. His favorite movie is Cars, and it was just a good natured idea. Who knows where our dollar and fifty cents ended up, but to stop and think of that little boy made me grateful. I'm so thankful that we are a healthy and happy family. Not to mention the fun pics we were able to snatch. Happy Holidays, everyone!