Friday, December 18, 2009

We ARE alive!

Hello, all who might be concerned as to where the heck we've gone. Life is pretty much a crazy blur. Between adapting to 2 kids and being the busiest season of my retail life, well, the blogging has been benched. But, I just wanted to quickly say hello and Merry Christmas to everyone. We are doing well. Ethan is already 4 months old and chunkier than Jack has ever been. He's officially blue eyed...what!?!?! That's right, with auburny brown hair. So crazy the rioulette of the gene pool. Jack is a busy as ever 3 year old. He's so fun and inquisitive. The novelty of his little bro has worn off ever so slightly, but he still does SO well with him. And Christmas is such an exciting thing this year. I promise to try to be a better blogger, but for now, here's a hodge podge of pictures for ya. Miss you all!