Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our Crazy B-day Week

For Jack's 5th B-day/family vacation, we decided to attack SoCal. And I mean ATTACK it head on. We drove down Monday, and then the crazy week began.
Tuesday...Sea World
Wednesday...California Adventures...
the kids ate up every minute of it
Thursday...JACK'S BIRTHDAY...
and official Disneyland day! Grandpa & Grandma Miranda & Uncle Chase hung out with us for the day. Oh, and P.S. Ethan LOVED Mickey Mouse. Loved!!! Jack and I conquered Star Tours, even though Jack's height was checked EVERY time we passed a crew member. Ha! He was perfectly 40 inches. Thank goodness!!!
Birthday dinner break. Met Grandma, Uncle Tanner, and Aunt Becca at Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney. Then back to D-Land to finish the night.
Friday... Day 2 of D-land, but no pictures to prove it. Jack and Nate got to live it up on Space Mountain and Splash Mountain. Jack was uber stoked. Are we surprised? Not from our adrenaline junky.
Saturday... San Diego Wild Animal Park...
it was animals presented in a whole new way. Much more personal type of a zoo experience. Very cool to see the animals in herds and not just in small exhibits. The boys loved the gorillas (they had a brand new baby), the lions, the elephants, and the cheetah run (they are crrrrrazy fast). We got to have Grandma & Grandpa Quan meet us for the day.
Sunday...RELAXATION, well kinda...
we could've gone to Universal Studios on the passes we had bought (everything listed was included in our SoCal City Pass...HIGHLY recommend it!), but we decided to hang with the fam instead. We stayed at my Dad's the whole week, but felt like we were so on the go that we didn't really get to hang with them much. We ended up down at the pier enjoying the beachy sunshine. The boys played in the water and had a blast. I just love this picture of Ethan and Uncle Tanner...
Monday...we drove home. It was a whirlwind of absolute awesomeness!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Speaking of Ghosts

We're back from the dead...buahahaha!
Here's our halloween in a few, nay, a dismal amount of decent pics... If only these kids would sit still just long enough for our camera to "warm up". Or, maybe I should just invest in a better camera. Yes, I think that would be best.
The kids loved hoarding the candy. We unloaded once and went out for more. For those of you wondering, Jack chose his costume all on his own. When I asked him what he wanted to be, he told me..."a ghost with blue wings and orange spikes." I asked if he meant a dragon, but he was adamant. There was no way I could deny such creativity, right!? Mind you, I DO NOT sew. And, they DO NOT make boy/dragon wings. Some spray paint, wire clippers, flannel, sew on velcro, hot glue, and styrofoam made the dream possible. Ha! Oh, and P.S.... I suck at face painting. Unless you have thoes crazy nice brushes, well, who are we kidding!?
Ethan, on the other hand, was a chicken. We had everything planned to be Mickey Mouse. We had even bought leggings from the toddler girl section at "Wally World." He was stoked. A week before Halloween he decided he would have NOTHING to do with anything but the Mickey head piece. While I was at work, a lady told me that Old Navy had costumes for 6 bucks. The only one in Mr. E's size was the chicken. I snagged it, took it home, and it was love at first cluck. He wore it to the grocery store, to pick out pumpklins, and asked for it first thing in the mornings.