Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My 2 Year Old is the Size of a 1 Year Old

So the official stats and a quick story...

22 lbs 5 oz, coming in at 32 "

The Doc says he's hitting, if not surpassing his mile stones. But, Little Jack-Attack is only attacking his size about 2 lbs every 6 months. I was not small as a kid. You could accuse me of being short, but skinny I was not. Nate has a small bone structure, but he was always an above average kid. So maybe Jack has my height and Nate's bone structure, plus some unknown skinny gene. Doc said that we could check Jack's cholesterol levels. If they came back low, it typically means that the kid's not getting enough nutrients. I agreed to rule out the failure to thrive ruling, rather than hope it's not. Jack had his routine immunizations. Not to mention he was already freaking out when the nurse laid him down to see how tall he is. He fought and fought the shots, but we managed to hold him down for the 3 quick pokes. By now he hates the nurse, Alisha. Then it was down to draw some blood with Kim. Alisha had to come help restrain since Jack is ridiculously strong. Kim had the needle in, but Jack started to rotate his arm. The 3 of us couldn't keep him still enough, not to mention Jack was crying so hard that he puked. That was the final straw. Kim pulled out the needle and said Jack was traumatized enough for the day. I've decided, we'll leave the cholesterol check to chance. The Doc wasn't worried enough to be adamant about it. He said just to monitor his intake and to come back when he's 3 instead of 4. I love my crazy strong kid. It killed me to see him sooo vulnerable. I love my baby!

Monday, October 6, 2008

For the Sake of Something New

Thanks to everyone for being such supportive, lovely friends. But to move on to better days I thought I'd let everyone know that I had an absolutely delightful Monday. Not to mention that I had a spectacular revelation. I get paid 3 times this month. Oooo how I love that! After October, that doesn't happen until May of '09. Wahoo! for an extra paycheck. And yes, one day I will upload pictures for all of your delight. Sorry I've been full of pure verbage as of late. X's and O's to you all!