Sunday, September 30, 2007

Once There Was a Snowman....

So, not really, but it did snow, yesterday, for the first time, in the valley, this fall. It was only for a little while, but places got between 1-4 inches. Not too shabby. If you ask me, snow is pretty, but I can wait. Once it really comes, it's lovely, and then I get really tired of it. I wish I could live in snow, without really having to live, the daily routine things, in it. You know?

Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Night Out

Nate and I got to go out last night... just the two of us. I started thinking, and I realized that it was only the second time we have gotten out, since Jack was born. Yes, sad, but true, he was born a year ago. Last time we got out was for my birthday. This time, it was just dinner with friends. We went to PF Changs. It was so lovely to have an adult dinner. Oh the joy of just eating my food, and not feeding anyone else. No picking up spoons, or cutting up little pieces of my dinner to share. It makes me stop and really think of how important it is for us to get out. It was nice to be with other people. Still, the nicest part was to be out on a date with my husband. Big, huge, thanks to Nates sister, Chelon, and her husband, Ricky, for giving us the last minute chance to have a baby free dinner. Jack really loves them, and he had an extra special time with his Uncle Ricky. We can't thank them enough.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The new FHE goal... check in

This week was fun. We had dinner at Paul & Nicole Brouwers, while starting the lesson/scripture part of the lesson. It was on family history. Then we filled out first generation pedigree charts. Sad how much I really didn't know (dates, etc.) when it came to my relatives. Then on the back we glued pictures we took of our families. Under the picture we wrote a brief personal history. Mine just had my schools, houses, siblings, yada yada yada... It was funny to think back and reminisce as we laughed with each other. Family Home Evening has not been our best feat in the past. We hope to improve vastly starting NOW. We've had 2 consecutive. We'll see how it goes from here.

Last Weekend

So, Nate is related to Anson Call. He was involved with a lot of historical church things. He was basically the man called to run the LDS colonies in Mexico. Long story short, the Church dedicated a monument to him at the This is The Place Heritage Park up in Salt Lake. Elder Oaks was there to speak and give the dedicatory prayer. We were excited to see him, but didn't want to bother him amongst all the crowd. So, we walked down to the monument and took some pictures. On the way back up, Elder Oaks happened to be on his way down. We luckily crossed paths. He shook Nates and my hand. But, my favorite part is that Elder Oaks shook Jacks hand, too. He said, "Well hi there little guy." I was stoked. Anyway, an event for the baby book, for sure.